Birthday Parties and Events FAQ's

How much does a party cost?

Party prices varies, please see KJGCH party packages listed in "our services" page. Party packages are based off guest count as well.

How can I pay?

All payments are to be made in person as a deposit or full payment.

When is the payment do? 

All deposits are to be made same time as booking the party. Remainder of payment is due day of party or full payment can be made same day as booking. 

What payment methods are accepted?

KJG Clubhouse accepts Cash, Visa and Master debit cards & Cash App ($KJGClubhouse)

If I have to cancel my child birthday party will I be refunded on my deposit?

All DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE! Any payment exceeding over the deposit amount will be refunded and deposit can go towards future services.

How do I book?

All Parents must book to schedule a tour first. Once tour as be schedule and giving parents are able to book in person for any future services. (Deposit's are still due day of book birthday party).  More questions on booking please summit down below.

How far in advance can I book my child birthday party?

All birthday party bookings can be made up to 90 days in advance.

How do I change the time and / or date for the party?

If party date or time needs to change simply call 616-655-3232 or email if there a possibility that we are not able to change date or time due to another booking being placed parents are still able to keep same pricing agreed and changed for a new day that works best for their schedule.

What happens if I stay longer than the hours requirement?

We give all guest 2.50 hour party time with an additional free 45 minute set up time for members only.if you feel you may need more time please inform KJGCH staff member by phone days prior to party. If extra time is available payment discussion can be made.

What happens if my guest count change?

If guest count change we encourage parents to give a 24 to 48 hour notices prior to day of birthday party. Once payment have been made an guest count changed day of party there are no refunds.

What is your cancellation policy?

Kids Jungle Gym Clubhouse cancellation policy requires all guest booked for birthday parties call 24 to 48 hours prior to day of party. 

Does my deposit go towards the total bill?

Yes! All deposits made will go towards final payment, this includes all services.

What can I bring to birthday?

Please see check list under birthday party packages.

What can I not bring to my child birthday party?

Any alchol beverages are phrobited in facalilty. Please see check list in birthday party packages for list of items not to bring.

What does the birthday party included?

Kids Jungle Gym Clubhouse offers 3 different party packages as well as host baby shower events. Please selected from one of the following packages located in "our services" tab and there will be a list of different party packages and whats included.

What will the table set up included?

KJG Clubhouse  provides decorations of parent choice of theme provided by KJGCH, napkins, plates & utensils are included.

How to attend an event?

To attend KJGCH hosted events all guest must be a registered member  and account must be active for that month to recieve discounted tickets and to sign up for event.

How many guest are allowed to come to event under my membership?

Glad that you asked! Membership is good for up to 4 people. Any additional guest will be charged regular rate.  

Are the events free?

Depending on what events is being hosted and the holiday most events do require payments to hold your reservation for weekly/monthly events while other events maybe free entry and other items do require purchase.

Can I rent out the space for events other than a child's birthday party?

Yes! Most defiantly! This space can be used for any children event you may have in mind. We also host baby showers and gender reveal's! 

What are the age limit for children attending the events?

Membership FAQ's

How much is the membership?


How often will I have to renew my membership and will payments be automatically taking out of my account?

Every 30 days to keep membership active  to receive points ans rewards.

How many people are allowed under one membership?

Up to 4 people under one house hold allowed under 1 membership.

Can I bring guest to an events with me?

Yes. Guest will still have to pat full price.

How long is the membership good for?

30 days

How do I use my points?

In person when booking any services.

How Will I earn my Points?

Through our point system. Once you sign up to become a member  points/rewards will be sent to your email.

Can I cancel my membership any time and will I be refunded the remainder amount?

Guest have up to 5 days to cancel membership to be refunded full amount.

What is the  amount of the percentage off for events and othe services?

Ten percentage 

How will I know if open play is available?

We will send out monthly emails to all parents who subscribe to our news letter.

What if I renewed my membership in the middle of the month, will I have enough time to accumulated enough points to use for that month?

Yes! All points will add up every days

Are you looking for a more CREATIVE way to celebrate your kids birthday parties? Well.., you've found the right place at the right time! Kids Jungle Gym Clubhouse is the perfect place for parents to be more creative with kids birthday parties, making it more EXCITING &   MEMORABLE while enjoying only guest you've invited! 

 Check out our "Private Party Birthday" as well as Private Event rentals!

Do points roll over?

No. All points/rewards must be used in the same month.

What can my points  and rewards be used towards?

All services provided by KJG Clubhouse!

For all services FAQ's

How can I contact KJG Clubhouse staff member? 

Guest/parents are able to email us directly or call us directly at 616-655-3232. Make sure to book to meet and speak!

Do all services requires a wavier?

Yes! All services must have a sign waiver and contract.

How do I book for other services, such as kjg club bus and drop off actvity play?

All bookings must be done in person. Must schedule a tour first through "Booking Online" tab.


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